Our Story

All the world's a stage- so is your living-room

It all started in a tour-bus. To the inspiring music of „Malediva“ an idea surfaced: How about creating a theatre which could perform for Everybody at any place?!

It would have to be real theatre-plays not theatre-sports or revues. The focus should be plays for adults.

It should be highly entertaining and fastidious.

In january 2009 we met for our first brainstorming. We planned „Frank and Stein“ by Ben Campbell, a persiflage of „Frankenstein“ to be our very first play. But it turned out, that the author had recently died after backtracking all the rights for his play.

We decided to write our very own Two-actors-play about „Dracula“. Within a week a skript was born, so we were able to start rehearsing with our director Charlotte Schneider.

The premiere on march, 6th 2009 in a living-room in Bonn as well as the public premiere on march, 13th 2009 at „Theater die Baustelle“ in Cologne were both a big success.

We decided to create a diversified repertoire to provide our audience with a great variety. At the same time we extended our ensemble to five constant actresses and one „jumper“ actresses, we worked with several directors and stage-designers and so one after another our current repertoire was born.

With „Kessenicher Kleinkultur“ we found a wonderful partner and stage for our public premieres. Our public premieres are admission free, so everybody who would like to book us can satisfy him/herself of our high quality.

Fortune gave us a hand and had us win the www.dubistderboss.de-competition of the vancado-company, to whom we owe this marvellous homepage.