Error in our booking form

If you have recently made a booking enquiry via the link "Book us now" and have not heard back, this is because these enquiries never reached us. We apologise profusely, and ask you to email your enquiry again to info(at)anne-scherliess or



Corona won't get us down

In case we are not allowed to do live theatre events, you can now book us as a Zoom life-event in your living room. As long as you have a room where we can play, and our technician can also fit in with sound and visual equipment, we're in.

In the event of a theatre lockdown:

With a (Corona) surcharge of 170 euros for the image and sound magic(s), in addition to our regular live fee of 600 euros (minimum fee of 150 euros each for 2 actresses and 1 director), the game is afoot. Translated with (free version).