Gifts and Wages


Are You looking for a special Gift for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, House-warming party, Graduation, Staff- or Christmas party? Bring Us for a present. We come whereever you want us to be and perform for You. If other invited Guests wonder what to bring for a present, le pool expenses, that way our wages won’t hurt anybody and You will have an extra special gift.

How much do we charge actually?

No matter, how many members of the audience, how big the event, or which length of our play you choose, we allways charge the same: 600,00 Euros per Show, if it takes place in Bonn, plus petrol allowance and possibly accomodation for Events out of town.
In case of large Events, where microphones are called for, we still charge the same, but the host is kindly asked to make the necessary additional arrangements like the supply of Microphones.

Why 600,00 Euro?

The minimum fee for professional Actresses lies at 150,00 Euro per Show.

+ 1x
+ 1x

150,00 Actess- fee
150,00 Euro Directress- fee
150,00 Euro theatre-fee
600,00 Euro